Established in 2021

Wild Trail Resort is your ideal destination for a luxurious stay in the arms of Mother Nature, far away from the crowded and polluted cities. Nowadays people don’t even have time for themselves. In such a busy schedule people don’t even get time to take a break and get some fresh air.
And in such a case, what else can be a better place to refresh yourself than a place in between the green lush mountains and forests. Wild Trail Resort is one of the finest and luxurious resorts in Uttarakhand based amidst the beautiful Ganges and inhabiting wildlife. We provide world-class hospitality as we are devoted to our customers and our passion is to only deliver the best services possible. Wild Trail Resort is surrounded by the Ganges on two sides and beautiful sunrise and sunset views on either side. We invite you for the most luxurious experience between the arms of nature here at Wild Trail Resort.

We look forward to your stay.

Wild Trail Resort Team

About Me

I have been in the Hotel business for 8 years. I came from Delhi to Rishikesh where I started my first hotel. There at first, I searched my hotels and started with a very small 9 rooms hotel which I operated for 3 years. Then in the second year, I found a proprietor firm with the title RR Hotels and then clubbed 2 more hotels and like that, I operated around 12 hotels in Rishikesh City alone.
Since we had experience in running full-fledged hotels, we offered our management services to various hotels in GOA and Jaipur. Now we can also provide you pan India stay because of our connections, and this is only the beginning.
To fulfill my dream of expanding the RR Hotels chain, we finally have made our own resort in Rajaji National Park named Wild Trail Resort. With this resort, I am solidifying my foot in the hotels business. 

Gaurav Tanwar



The mission of the Wild Trail Resort (unit of RR Hotels) is to put hospitality services on the highest level in order to satisfy the demands and expectations of guests.


The ideology of our vision is to continue to apply and set the highest standards of service quality and in that way justify and uphold the reputation that we have among the guests, partners, competitors and the wider community. 


We are guided, in our every action, by moral principles which are inspired by perpetual and unfading values.