Destination Wedding

Our Beautiful resorts and iconic properties are nothing more than pieces of stones and bricks if your momentous celebration is not celebrated there. A wedding is the most memorable day in anyone’s life and making sure that it’s memorable for generations is our duty. There is no limit to the event you can create a tropical theme, incorporate local traditions whatever you want. Apart from this, your wedding pictures are the memories that you can cherish, and you can have the most amazing photographs in the most natural and breathtaking setup. Make your dream come true with us.

Destination Wedding Example
Wedding Shoot Example

Pre-Wedding Destination

Pre-wedding photography is one of many ways which allows both the partners to know each other better and is one of the most demanded by new couples. Pre-wedding shoot photographers intend to capture the real emotions and natural moments shared by the couple. Your poses can either be natural (candid) or if you are good at posing then by all means show your creativity. We heartily invite you to make your special moment into an unforgettable celebration.

Corporate Events

We provide innovative and professional event management services. From inspirational ideas to strong themes and creative programs we do everything to create memorable experiences.
We offer a wide range of events like award ceremonies, product launches, family events, sports events and many more. Our Employees always try to understand a customer’s point of view and their value of time. We are a bunch of well mannered, active and passionate people working together to provide special experiences.

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Outdoor Photo Shoot

When the outdoor view is just as important as the destination, a resort stay should give the extra ‘wow’ factor. There is our lifeline to outdoor photography a chance to step away from regular boring photography and reconnect with nature. You will get a chance to capture endless memories that will be worth to whole holiday.

Executive Cottages

The executive cottage at Wild Trail Resort provides an ideal environment for complete relaxation and peace. Guest can enjoy Panamoric views from the private balconies of these rooms in Rishikesh.
All rooms are air-conditioned and well equipped with features like Wi-fi, television, geyser and many more.

photo of people standing on top of mountain near grasses 733162
Yoga Retreat Wild Trail Resort

Yoga Retreat

A yoga retreat in Rishikesh can be a truly life-changing experience. In fact, it is an experience I think everyone would benefit from having at some point in their lifetime. Rishikesh offers a peaceful and perfect surroundings for your yoga practice.